Hencor Bonsmaras

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The home of Hencor Bonsmaras of Hentie and Coreen van Eck is on the farms Kalkfontein and Moedersgift in the Dewetsdorp district, South East Free State, South Africa.  Grazing consist mainly of red grass and our biggest challenge is probably the icy cold winters and rain that often starts late in the summer. However, it is a thankful world and grazing recovers rapidly with good rains.

Our herd contains genetics from a variety of herds, amongst other Norton Thompson (Glen Glyde), Robert Taute (Wellstood), Herman Groenewald (BOK), Burkhard Hermann (Fortress), Hans van Rooyen (Umpukane), Viljee Crous (DIV), Johan Myburgh (Kingsheath), Arthur de Villiers (Arcadia), Gerrit van Zyl (Hanzyl), Frikkie Kruger (Waterpaslaagte), the late Glynn Handley, the late Kit Thompson (Rutland), Frans van der Berg (Op-die-Aarde), Paul Maree and Eugene Heyns (Tienfontein).

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